Are you ready to become a mushroom entrepreneur?

Affiliate Marketing is the fastest growing advertising method and it is incredibly cost effective for budding medicinal mushroom retailers.
It is an advertising model where you earn commission in exchange for promoting our mushroom products.
Do you have your own blog or website and some writing skills?
Do you like writing about health, sports, sustainable supplements or wellbeing?
More than 2/3 of affiliate marketers generate traffic by blogging.

General requirements

  • An established website and/or social media following of over 1,000 followers.
    79% of marketers use affiliate marketing to improve conversion rates and engage with customers.
  • You must be in compliance with our Terms of Service
  • No coupon or offer sites.

If you chime with the values of our company we’d love you to fill out the application below.
We’ll get back to you within one week. We will only reach out to those who were accepted.

Medicinal mushrooms are the supplements of 2022 according to the New York Times, but there is only one company offering mushroom tinctures to affiliates.

General Affiliate Marketing Statistics
50% of traffic
referred by affiliates comes from mobile devices.
Affiliate marketing trends show that 67% of affiliate marketers use social media such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to connect on a more personal basis with their prospects. In future years this percentage is expected to increase.
In 2019, affiliate marketing reached $6.4 billion in turnover.
Statistics show that the global affiliate marketing industry is currently estimated to be worth $12 billion.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn some money by promoting other people’s services and products. Compared to other marketing methods it is a process that is far less time-consuming than other methods of marketing.

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