Medicinal mushrooms sold in Europe are grown in Europe.

Not true! The vast majority of medicinal mushrooms are from China. Only very few medicinal mushrooms like ours, are cultivated from spore to bottle in Europe.

The benefits of medicinal mushrooms are not scientifically proven.

Not quite! The field of medicinal mushrooms still needs more so called evidence-based research, however, plenty of studies already exist. We have collated some evidence-based reseach below every product description.
Lion’s Mane
Turkey Tail

The provenance of mushrooms is not important.

  • European laws regulate hygienic practices, protection of the environment, use of energy, and working conditions.
  • Chinese business regulations and practices are neither transparent to European business partners, nor to their customers.
  • Using mushrooms and alcohol produced in Europe saves 85% of the carbon footprint when compared to Chinese medicinal mushrooms or those sold via the USA.

Good medicinal mushrooms only grow in Asia/ China.

Absolutely not! Good medicinal mushrooms only grow in Asia/ China.

Medicinal mushrooms should only grow on logs in the forest.

Not really! The idea of growing mushrooms on logs is very romantic indeed. Medicinal mushrooms are usually grown indoors where hygienic and safety standards can be guaranteed. In a protected environment the mushrooms grow free from any pollution. Mushrooms that are grown outdoors on logs  may contain unwanted chemicals absorbed from polluted air or water.

Some medicinal mushrooms are protected, and picking those only contribute to depleting these rare examples found in nature.

Capsules and powders are the best way to take medicinal mushrooms.

Quite the opposite. The body absorbs tinctures at a faster rate.
Six to eight capsules a day are the equivalent of one ml of our tinctures.
They are a big plus for anyone who has problems swallowing capsules.
An opened bag of powder can get mouldy within a couple of months or even faster. Tinctures have a shelf life of years.
Tinctures can be stirred into any drink.

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